Certified Master Inspector Bob Barron

Bob Barron

Certified Master Inspector (CMI)®

Bob Barron is the owner and home inspector of Barron Home Inspection. It’s good to stay on your toes when navigating the real estate market, because getting caught off guard by a costly mistake is the last thing you want to happen. Bob is proud to offer a valuable service that his clients can count on to improve their knowledge of a home’s condition, minimizing the chances of buyer’s remorse by helping to steer you toward a protected purchase.

This Level of Mastery Takes Complete Dedication

For over 23 years, Bob Barron has been dedicated to helping families make the most of their opportunity to officially own a home. As a Certified Master Inspector, (CMI)® Bob has a tried-and-true ability to combine meticulously detailed home evaluations with superior customer service.

Before he inspected homes professionally, Bob owned and operated a True Value Hardware store. Bob was also trained by an electrical engineer while working for a major telecommunications company, an experience that provided the initial spark for his exceptional troubleshooting skill set.

When he’s not inspecting homes, Bob enjoys working out and relaxing lakeside.

Home Inspector

A Home Inspector Who Can Help You Save Thousands

Attend Your Inspection


The learning process is most effective when it’s a hands-on experience—and that’s why we invite you to attend your home inspection, giving you an opportunity to see the home as we see it.

Video Included With Every Inspection


The video that we include with every inspection report will help you gain a better grasp of exactly why a component may be listed as defective, showing you where a component is faulty and explaining why it’s problematic for the home.

Your Questions Answered


If you have any questions after receiving your inspection report, we’re just a phone call away—we want to help you get every answer you need in order to save money and ultimately make a great home-buying decision.


Contact us for more information about discounts for active-duty military and veterans. Appointments are available 7 days a week, including evenings.

At Barron Home Inspection, we excel in troubleshooting the issues that commonly affect new and old homes alike, helping you see your prospective home in the right kind of light so that you can make the best buying decision. Contact us today to request an inspection.

Certified Master Inspector
Wisconsin Association Of Home Inspectors