It’s estimated that there are around 5 million home inspections performed every year in the United States. Whether buying a new home or selling an old one, an inspection provides important information about the property. While inspections have become a normal part of the home-buying process, not many people understand how important it is to get a home inspection on new construction.

Why You Should Order a Home Inspection on New Construction

A professional inspection of a newly built house is essentially the same service as an inspection on an older property. A home inspector assesses various components of the house to provide homeowners with a better idea of its condition. Some people assume that brand new homes are subject to fewer problems than those that have been lived in before. Inspecting a new build will make sure each part of the construction is sound. Let’s explore some of the advantages of ordering a home inspection on new construction.

Building Code Inspections Cover the Minimum Standards

Any new construction has to meet basic requirements known as building codes. City or county inspectors will do a quick assessment of a property to confirm the home is up to code. While this basic inspection verifies the home is habitable, it’s advisable to get a professional inspection of the new house. Independent home inspectors provide a more thorough review, examining every component of the house.

A Home Inspection on New Construction is Thorough

Government inspectors are on a tight schedule. They have to perform a number of inspections every day. An independent home inspector, on the other hand, will schedule plenty of time to review your home. While you’ll be paying out-of-pocket, it’s certainly worthwhile to have a trained professional on the job. You’ll get knowledge, attention to detail, and an inspection report that describes every aspect of the property.

Discover Issues With the Build

Most builders offer a one year warranty on their construction. This means that new homeowners have a year during which issues found with the home will be covered under the warranty. When the warranty expires, all of the responsibility falls to the homeowner. An inspection on new construction will find issues like defective materials and poor workmanship so they can be addressed by the builder.

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