Going out of town requires a lot of coordination. Reservations, transportation, and arrangements for pets all need to be planned. However, you won’t be able to enjoy your vacation if you are worried about home security. Keep your home safe by following these six simple tips.

Ask a Friend to Come By Daily

When newspapers and mail pile up at a house, it is clear that no one is home. A bulging mailbox that can’t close and a pile of newspapers on the front porch draw the attention of potential intruders. Have a friend stop by to collect these items and bring them into the house on a daily basis along with any flyers or packages. A car coming and going from the driveway every day is an added bonus. Obvious activity around the house helps protect it while you are gone.

Have Strong Locks

Deadbolt door locks are evaluated by test engineers for their ability to resist being drilled, kicked in, or picked. The price does not always serve as a predictor of quality. Look for strike plates that are heavy-duty with screws longer than the average 3/4-inch length. Screws should reach through the door jamb to catch the house’s framing to keep your home safe. Choose a deadbolt lock with a throw longer than one inch.

Lock Windows to Keep Your Home Safe

Nearly a third of burglars find their access to homes by means of an unlocked door or window. If you are going away, check all windows and doors to keep your home safe, even on the second floor. Some houses have easy access to upper floors and even those that do not can be reached by ladders.

Wait to Post on Social Media

It can be tempting to share all those great photos and status updates about what you are up to on vacation, but resist the urge and wait until you are home again to post. You should not advertise your vacation online before or during your trip. People with bad intentions may see your posts and make your home a target because they know it is unoccupied. Keep your home safe by waiting to share all the news about your trip.

Remove Your Hide-a-Key

Thieves will always look for a spare key hidden in the usual places. Leave a spare key with a neighbor, friend, or family member, but do not leave one under a rock or a mat. Burglars know all the places that people hide keys.

Keep Your Home Safe With Automatic Lights

There are two ways to set up automatic lights to help keep your home safe. The first is outdoors, with a motion-sensor floodlight. This will keep your family members from stumbling in the dark, but it also can startle away burglars. Inside, you can set up lights on timers to make it look like someone is home. These systems can get quite elaborate. Some can be linked to your smartphone so that you can control lights and other features remotely.

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