5 Reason to Order a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Home inspections are often performed when a buyer is interested in a property. However, a seller can also schedule a pre-listing inspection before listing their house on the market. If you’re considering selling your home, there are some great reasons to order a pre-listing home inspection first.

1. Arrive at a Realistic List Price

Your pre-listing inspection report will help you arrive at a realistic list price that appeals to buyers. If you discover that the HVAC system needs to be replaced or the roof needs major repairs, you can price your home accordingly. Your real estate agent will research similar homes in the area to determine how much your home should be listed for while taking the defects into consideration.

2. Improve Buyer Confidence With a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Potential buyers will have more confidence in purchasing the house when they know it’s true condition. Disclose issues or problems to a buyer upfront to establish trust.

The buyer won’t have to worry about discovering any surprises or significant problems in their own home inspection or after closing. Ultimately, this will make for a smoother transaction and can prevent the buyer from backing out of the deal.

3. Save Money

You may choose to leave the repairs for the person that buys your home, but it will affect your list price since you should allow for any repairs. Many sellers are surprised to learn that completing the repairs themselves can save them money. If you wait until your buyer inspects the home, they will likely request certain materials or specific contractors to do the work and you’ll be working with a deadline when the repairs have to be made before closing.

4. Schedule a Pre-Listing Home Inspection to Make Repairs

If you schedule a pre-listing home inspection before the property is advertised on the market, it will give you enough time to make the necessary repairs. You won’t have to rush to replace the roof or hire a plumber to fix any leaks. For minor fixes, like replacing a missing outlet cover, you can tackle the project yourself instead of hiring a contractor.

5. Avoid Potential Delays

If you wait until the buyer decides to schedule an inspection, it could lead to delays in closing the sale. Mold in the attic or a termite issue could cause the buyer to have second thoughts and even back out of the deal. They may add contingencies to their offer and the negotiations can push back the closing date. When you schedule a pre-listing home inspection, selling your home becomes a faster, smoother process.

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