When you purchase a house, you are probably excited to update it and make it your own. In addition to home improvements, you’ll also need to tackle small repairs around the house. Every few years, you will need to replace the washing machine hoses. The hardware on the kitchen cabinets may loosen over time. You’ll hang pictures and artwork to personalize your living spaces. Invest in a few of the basic tools every homeowner should have so you can complete these tasks.

Every Homeowner Should Have a Drill

A cordless drill is easy to use in almost any space. You can install shelving and hang curtains with this tool. Purchase an assortment of drill bits, including screwdriver bits so you can use your cordless drill as a power screwdriver.

Screwdrivers are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

A manual screwdriver will come in handy around the house. Buy a set with several screwdrivers or one with various interchangeable tips. A screwdriver is helpful for tightening cabinet handles, changing out the doorknob, and installing new light fixtures.

A Tape Measure

Buy a sturdy, quality tape measure. You’ll need it to measure for many of your home improvement projects. Accurate measurements are necessary when purchasing new appliances and furniture.

You’ll Want to Have a Hammer in Your Toolbox

A claw hammer has a flat striking surface on one side with a v-shaped claw on the other. This type of hammer is used to install and safely remove nails from the wall and other surfaces. Your hammer will be helpful when hanging pictures or building a deck in the backyard.

Pliers are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Pliers are helpful for tasks where gripping is involved. They come in handy when installing a new bathroom faucet or tightening the connections between plumbing pipes. Needle-nose pliers work well for bending wires. Have several different types of pliers so you’ll have the right kind for any job.

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